"I work for Weatherford, which is an oilfield services company. Weatherford has a promotional spice called 'Weatherford Famous Seasoning', which is very well known in the Canadian oilfield.

For the past 8 years I have been working overseas on a rotational basis for Weatherford. I have worked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and most recently Russia. Everywhere that I go I try to bring a few boxes of this spice as a handout. It is very well recieved by all who have been given it and quite often I am asked by customers to make sure that I bring more when I return.

Of all the different promotional items that I have handed out over the years, this is by far the most successful and always gets a positive response."

- Marcel Roy
RCD Supervisor, Weatherford


"We LOVE Ultimixx.  Our custom labeled spices are in all of our customer's cupboards. We are happy with the product and with the repeat business that it brings us when our customer's reach for their "Alberta Cycle Spice" and realize it's almost empty!  Thanks for the great product and wonderful service you have provided us.  It gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with a unique and alternative promotional item that they will actually use!"

- Tamara Champagne
Alberta Cycle Motorsports


"Our customers have been surprised and then thrilled with the quality of the spices that we have given them. We have had a lot of customers that ask for more spices. We have been very happy with the artwork and the durability of the labels. Ultimixx has supplied great service and we will be ordering more products from them."

- Greg Dechief,
CEDA Services - Estevan Sask


"Valley Blades have been utilizing Ultimixx promotional seasoning for close to twenty years now and between myself and other long term employees of our company, we can testify it has been a fantastic way to get our company name to our customer base. From years gone by to present day, VBL customers constantly request 'Valley Blades Spice' when placing orders. Some of our customers claim their wives would “kill them" if they purchased blades anywhere else and gave up the opportunity to get our spice.

It is truly a unique advertising tool that has benefited Valley Blades over the years."

- Kevin Miller, Branch Manager
Valley Blades Ltd. - Edmonton


“The seasoning has been our most popular & effective promo item since we started using it 5 years ago.”

- Marc Leroux, Operations Manager
SlurryFlo Valve Corp.


"I am a big fan of the special seasoning that your company has given out at trade shows. I had received some from a gentleman quite a while back, at the Quarry Show in Jamesville, NY. Well, even after rationing my use, I have come to the bottom of the shaker. It is the best seasoning for grilled pork chops... just yummy! Is there any way I could get some more of this product? I really would be grateful. Thanks so much!"

- Jill Parcells
Milton CAT


"My husband owns a heavy equiment sales/rental company and brought home a bottle of Seasoning given to him by some of your Canadian employees who'd met with him at his business. We've run out of this great Seasoning.

Could you let me now where I can order more of this seasoning? It's awesome!!! I have to have MORE!"

- Donna Mattingly