history of ultmixx seasoning

The original seasoning formula was developed over 40 years ago in the Southern USA. Initially developed as a topical coating for beef, it was discovered that this unique blend of herbs and spices was outstanding on chicken, pork, fish, seafood, and a wide variety of other foods including soups, gravies, salads, cooked vegetables, wild game, and even popcorn and apples!

In the early 1970’s, a Canadian gentleman by the name of Fred Drury acquired the rights to the formula and so it’s origins in Canada began. In 2001, Dave Possberg purchased the rights to the original formula and Ultimixx Inc. was formed. Since that time, we have developed a bolder Spicy Blend, a fantastic Montreal Steak Blend, and an incredible Pasta Seasoning. Over the years, in keeping with health trends, the original formula was modified to remove MSG and reduce salt content, while still maintaining all of its unique taste.

For many years, our seasonings have been private labeled for corporate promotion and fundraisers. Our largest international customer purchases approximately 40,000 bottles annually to give away as promotional gifts to their clients worldwide, and have been doing so for almost 40 years! They tell us this is their most frequently requested promotional item.

We constantly get requests from people that have received our seasonings to purchase more. Due to this demand, we felt the time was right to make our seasonings more readily available to everyone, hence the creation of this website. To date, Ultimixx has been distributed across six continents and to a countless number of countries.

Our philosophy is simple; provide our customers with superior products made from only the finest ingredients, and back that up with exceptional service.

We are confident that Ultimixx Seasonings will fast become your flavour favourites, replacing most of the seasonings in your cupboard.